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I’m Nancy Moran

Artist Development & Music Career Coach

Helping You Activate Your Inner Music Mogul

Artist Development Coaching

Taking your music, songwriting, composing, performing, and recording  talents to the next level. 

Music Career Building

Making a profitable living with your music. (Yes, it IS possible!) 

Goal Setting

Identify what you want to achieve and where you want to go.


Make your time, money, and mindset work FOR you.

Personal Attention

Extra hand-holding and accountability to keep you focused and on track.

Career Advice

Personal guidance to help you navigate the new music industry.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a synergistic relationship with a commitment to your own artistic, personal, and business growth. My particular style of coaching is actually a hybrid of coaching, consulting, and mentoring. This trifecta is a powerful approach to help you navigate – and succeed in – today’s music industry.

It's part Education and Training.

I’ll guide you along a proven path of success and give you the advantage of my years of experience in the music business.

It's part Professional Trainer.

I’ll push you outside of your comfort zone to help you stretch and grow in ways you didn’t think you could (but I always knew were possible for you). I will bring out the best in you and will coax out more from you than you can do on your own.

It's part "Tough Love."

I will hold you accountable and responsible for your own success and won’t let you shrink into blaming others or outside forces. YOU are bigger and better than that. And I’ll call you on it, when necessary.

It's part Cheerleader.

I will encourage you and cheer you on to success. We’ll celebrate each step and milestone along the way. Now, a lot of people poo-poo this aspect or at least underestimate its significance. But I find that creative people need this more than anyone! We are an insecure group (and yes, I include myself in this bunch) and we like to downplay or even forget our achievements once they’re “over.” But learning to focus on and celebrate success is a KEY to attracting more of that success.

It's part Teammate or Partner.

I will work WITH you. Alongside you. So you don’t feel alone. I’ll be there to brainstorm with you and strategize with you. All while working toward one common goal – YOUR goal.

It's part Confidante.

You can totally be yourself with me. Share your fears and your desires, your strengths and your weaknesses, your genius and your perceived flaws. Be vulnerable. There are no judgments and no shame here. I am your personal “Las Vegas” – what’s shared here, stays here!

And most of all, it's Personalized.

The reason coaching is often complicated to explain is because it’s personalized and unique to you. So each coaching relationship is unique. And it’s very dependent on you.

Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching is for anyone who KNOWS they are capable of something bigger with their music.  

Coaching is for anyone who feels stuck, or frustrated, or overwhelmed – and they want to take action to get out. 

Coaching is for anyone who wants the added insight, objective perspective, and enthusiastic support of an experienced partner to help them take their music/career to the next level. 

Coaching is for anyone who wants to get past their fears, break through limiting beliefs, eliminate self-sabotaging blocks, and stop holding themselves back to become the person, the artist, the creative, the musician they were meant to be.

Coaching is for anyone who is tired of being the struggling artist and who is willing to make the effort to change.

If there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, then coaching may be perfect for you.


What Coaching Is NOT

First, coaching is NOT a “quick fix.” It’s not something that is “accomplished” in one session or even in a single month. 

Coaching is a process that takes time. So, I only work with people who are serious enough to invest in themselves for 6 months or more.

Second, coaching is NOT a get-rich-quick plan. And I can’t guarantee you fame, fortune, or even success. Your level of success will depend mostly on you and your willingness to take bold actions, question your limiting beliefs, get outside of your comfort zone, change some mindsets and/or habits and perhaps face your fears.

No one can do these things FOR you. So, if you were looking for an easy way to the top?  Oops!  Sorry. This isn’t it.

And finally, please note that coaching is not a replacement for psychotherapy, counseling, medical advice or legal counsel. I am a certified holistic life coach, specializing in Artist Development & Creativity. I am not a medical professional, therapist, or lawyer. If you are in need of these services, you should seek another qualified professional. 

About Nancy

Nancy Moran is an independent, folk-rock/Americana singer/songwriter who has been singing and performing professionally for over 25 years at notable folk clubs, performing arts centers, house concerts and festivals across the U.S. With four solo albums to her credit, The Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch called her “a [modern-day] Joni Mitchell” as well as “a major force to be reckoned with.” 

From 2005-2012 she also toured as a member of The Four Bitchin’ Babes, an all-female group nationally renowned for their 4-part vocal harmonies and highly entertaining and comedic performances.  

As co-founder of Azalea Music Group she teaches musicians, singer/songwriters, indie artists, and other music-moguls-in-training how to get out of their own way so they can get their music out of their basement and into the world at large where it can make a difference.  She specializes in working with the not-quite-mainstream and those “second-timers” coming back to music after a long hiatus. But she’s also been known to work with actors, writers, storytellers, and other creatives because the principles of pursuing a creative life are often the same regardless of the medium.



“Thanks to Nancy, I am playing better gigs and making more money. Selling more CDs. And reaching more people who actually get and appreciate my music. And isn’t that the whole point?”

PJ Brunson

Rock Hill, SC

“Since working with Nancy, I have pushed through many barriers, silenced some very negative self talk, written many songs, and doubled my income!”

Sarah Baker

Cotati, CA

“Nancy has a talent for helping you see your potential. Before I worked with her, I was trying to transition from a life of touring to a life as a producer. She helped me dig deep and figure out which path was truly calling me and helped me focus my career goals.”

Wilson Harwood

Nashville, TN

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